Sitemap - 2022 - The Aarthi and Sriram Show

EP 28: James Clear on how he wrote a bestseller, sold 9000000+ copies of Atomic Habits, how to pick up new habits for 2023 and more.

🎅 Ep 27: Best of 2022 - our favorite episodes, books, movies and moments (w/ transcript)

Episode 26: Steven Sinofsky at Microsoft - how to lead Windows and Office, what happened with Windows Vista , dealing with Bill Gates, competing with Apple and how to write really, really well.

EP 25: Indra Nooyi on Pepsi, leadership, immigrant mentality, India and meeting Steve Jobs


EP 24: Elon's first month at Twitter + our India trip and in-person meetup

EP 23: Alex Wang of Scale AI on state of AI, startup building, AI in defense + ethics and learning to think

EP 22: Marc Andreessen on Elon Musk, good startup ideas, how to have the courage to think independently and finding a co-founder

EP 21: Rich Roll on recovering from addiction to becoming a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, leading podcaster and bestselling author

EP 20: Palmer Luckey on Elon Musk and John Carmack, selling Oculus for $2B and starting defense tech company Anduril

EP 19: Tanmay Bhat's Best Interview Ever

EP 18: Emad Mostaque, founder of Stable Diffusion on AI ethics, religion, India's AI future and open source (Audio)

EP 17: Gary Vee on advice to young people, power of contextual content and how to be a successful creator

EP 16: Career conversations - how to onboard a new employee, how to manage, how to handle promotions

EP 15: Anthony Pompliano and Polina Marinova on Building Audiences and Profiling the World's Most Famous People

EP 14: Laura Deming on living forever, contrarian thinking, homeschooling, beauty of mathematics and funding longevity research

EP 13: Saagar Enjeti on US politics, Trump, being a White House correspondent, wokism, Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman, and the American Dream

EP 12: Tyler Cowen on Mentorship, Successful Indians, Cracking Cultural Codes, Traveling the World and Living your Best Fife

EP 11: Andrew Yang on US Presidential run, Forward Party, 2024, UBI, Trump, Rogan and Social Media

EP 10: A. R. Rahman on Family, Spirituality, India, Tech and Making Oscar-Winning Music

EP 9: What it takes to be a top 1% creator - Cleo Abram

EP 8: Building a new country, Elon Musk, predicting the pandemic, transhumanism, crypto and India and more - Balaji Srinivasan

EP 7: From dropout to Apple engineer, overcoming addiction and building an OS from scratch - Andreas Kling

EP 5: Politics In The Workplace With Special Guest Marc Andreessen

EP 6: Metta World Peace - Kobe, the brawl, cultivating a winning mindset, mental health and technology

EP 4: NFTs, crypto communities and the new Creator Economy

EP 3: Insights From Coinbase On The Future Of Crypto - Brian Armstrong

EP 2: What The Market Downturn Means For Founders, VCs, And Web3

EP 1: Marc Andreessen on the economy, crypto, memes and more